When A.I. Met Scholarships: Our Newest Killer Recommendations Are There for the Win

When A.I. Met Scholarships: Our Newest Killer Recommendations Are There for the Win
When A.I. Met Scholarships: Our Newest Killer Recommendations Are There for the Win

When it comes to the selection of scholarships and functions, it’s a circus out there. We know.

Unsolicited offers, unverified spammy scholarships, murky providers… Let’s not even talk about the most common ‘recommended scholarships’ – sent out haphazardly to a bunch of students lumped together like a toasted sandwich on a particularly sunny day. These automated recommendations are rarely designed with the end-user, i.e. you, the student, in mind.

Worry not. We prepare delicious meals, with great care. And we’ve just added three new ingredients.

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Tuna Sandwich for Fishy Scholarships

ScholarshipOwl gathers scholarships from thousands of providers. And, although we do our best to bring only verified scholarships and work with transparent providers (you can see this in confidence score), sometimes problematic scholarships enter the platform.

That is why we decided to partner up with you, the student, in fishing out these scholarships.

If at any point you see something strange within a scholarship, you can now report it.

This can range from the fact that the scholarship expired but is still in circulation, to not being able to apply even though you should.

In order to report a scholarship, you need to click the flag on the scholarship card. Once you do that, you will be prompted to specify the reason for reporting the scholarship. This way, we can address the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

And, who knows? You just might win that scholarship you supposedly couldn’t apply for.

Special, One-Of-A-Kind Dough for Better Chances of Winning Money

The Developing Leaders Scholarship
The Developing Leaders Scholarship

As of its inception, ScholarshipOwl’s algorithm enabled students to get highly valuable scholarship matches, based on their profiles. The algorithm matched a specific user with the best scholarship providers, ensuring great chances of winning.

However, we understand that all the scholarships, filters, confidence scores, and whatnot can get confusing, especially for new users. We wanted to make things easier while skyrocketing your chances, so now – every week – you will get 3 special scholarship recommendations. And, as you will see, this new feature is pure awesomeness!

The recommendations we’ll be sending are not your ordinary match-my-profile type. They are smarter since we rely on AI to make the recommendations, following additional criteria.

Scholarships will be recommended only if they fulfill all the extra criteria:

Low competition, i.e. a low number of applicants,
Very limited eligibility – meaning, not a lot of students can apply for them in the first place,
High confidence score – so we know the providers are verified and transparent, and
Close deadline.

Remember that these recommended scholarships are in addition to the regular scholarship matches. This means that the scholarships already matched to you are getting further funneled through this feature until we are left with only the very best options. You don’t need to cross-filter scholarships anymore, nor plow through the list of eligible matches – we’ll do all that for you. The AI picks and delivers your top 3 matches, specific to you, right to your scholarship dashboard.

In other words, your elite best matches are being served on a silver plate, every week.

This is huge news for all scholarship-seekers out there, both newbies and veteran applicants! No one else in the world of digital scholarship platforms is doing anything similar – and you get to benefit from it all!

Classic Pesto for Presto Updates

The search bar is one of the most commonly used features, along with filters for refinement.

Yet, these can often be misleading – just adding/subtracting a filter or two might raise, or lower your chances a lot.

Of course, you won’t know this if there’s no counter to show you what’s happening as you change the filters.

Well, guess what? We just added a counter, so you don’t have to worry about this anymore. If you’re using a desktop version, you should see it just above the scholarship cards.

You should also know that the counter shows changes in real-time – meaning, as soon as you change the filter or search query, you will see the numbers change, to reflect the number of scholarships available to you.

The Dinner Is Served

With three new features at your disposal, you can do a lot – to your benefit. The features were designed to make life easier for you, and, more importantly, raise your chances of winning the money in several ways.

We hope you’ll use all three functions and enjoy them. Bon appetit!

For more tips and tricks on how to use our platform in the best way possible, read our blog.

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