Ways to Improve Sentence Variety?

Ways to Improve Sentence Variety?

How to Improve Sentence Variety?

Now that you have enough knowledge of why sentence variety is essential in your writing take a look at these tactics to improve sentence variety in your essays or other writing activities.

  1. Vary sentence length
  2. Vary sentence opinions
  3. Sentence length
  4. Sentence Structure
  5. First words
  6. Punctuation

1. Vary Sentence Length

If each of your sentences is small, the writing seems naive. If any of your sentences are lengthy, they appear unplanned and often unclear. Including a type of sentence lengths in your essay retains writing impressive and appends more importance.

Here are a pair of examples:

Example #1:

Recently, Pasta Land held here you-can-try-all spaghetti for $15. Because I’m such a tremendous pasta aficionado, I had to taste it at least once. It was gratifying. I couldn’t assume the variety of options and marvellous sauces.

These sentences are changed in length to add curiosity. Discern that there is one very small sentence: “It was gratifying.” This sentence is deliberately small to add weight to the point that the primary purpose of the sentence is the taste of the feed.

If you want to indicate the price of the feed, you might update to add the price in a more diminutive sentence that indicates something like this:Advertisements

Example #2

Recently, Pasta Land held here you-can-try-all spaghetti, and because I’m such a tremendous pasta aficionado, I had to taste it at least once. It was a yummy spread with a large assortment of options and marvellous sauces. The pleasantest part? It was just $15.

2. Vary Sentence Opinions

If every one of your sentences begins the identical, your writing converts dull and monotonous. By varying sentence startings, you unite rhythm and weight to your writing.

Here are a pair of problems to simplify:

Problem #1:

I enjoy lasagna. I could have it every day. I would nevermore get tired of it.

In this case, each of the sentences is little and starts with “I.” To change, simply connect the ideas.


I enjoy lasagna so much that I could have it every day and nevermore get tired of it.

In this review, the sentence still starts with “I.” But the concepts have been connected to form a compound sentence that is much more likeable than the small, disjointed sentences.

Problem #2:

It is essential to take the best sauce to complement your preferred pasta. It is necessary to get an excellent balance of taste and feel.

In this case, the sentences are more extended, but they both start with the “it is” and utilize the identical sentence structure. To create more engaging writing and add weight, link concepts, and modify openings.

Ways to Improve Sentence Variety?

3. Sentence Length

Practising the equivalent sentence length everywhere your whole paper will decrease the possibilities that something will stand out in your writing. If you have many short sentences in a line, your writing will proceed off as rough. On the other hand, many long sentences in a series can be tedious and tiresome to read.

To review the sentence length in your script, go through your writing, and calculate the number of words in every sentence. Invent a record. Are all the amounts the identical?

Do you have added various lengthy sentences? Are there many small sentences in a series? If so, think to join a few sentences or splitting down more extended ones to attach more sentence variety.

4. Sentence Structure

A standard sentence serves this composition: subject-verb-object. To attach variety, whip up your sentence structure. Amazing methods to do this include:

Beginning with an adverb

Examples 1:

Suddenly she bounced to her heels and rushed to the door.

Unfailingly, he appears at the job at 6 AM every day.

It is beginning the sentence with a prepositional catchword (a slogan that changes a noun or verb).

Examples 2:

In the garden, she struggled to clear out the plants and deadhead the blossoms.

Before buying a new couch, it’s necessary to assume your doorway.

Transposing the subject and verb in the sentence.

Examples 3:

Sprinting to the train, she did it exactly before the doors blocked.

Utilizing baking soda and vinegar, you can unclog your bathing exhaustion.

5. First Words

Pay heed towards the direction you rise each sentence. If you continually raise with an identical word or two, your readers are persisting in becoming tired.

To examine your writing, invent a list of the initial word in every sentence. Are there any moments that you duplicate the corresponding word many times in a series?

Is there a word or two that you practice a lot to begin sentences in your script? If so, append remarkable variety by rewording the sentences and uncovering a unique way to rise each one.

6. Punctuation

There are four kinds of sentences:

  1. declarative
  2. interrogative
  3. exclamatory
  4. imperative

Have you done every variety? If each sentence is declarative, you may need to combine several interrogative sentences or perhaps work in an exclamatory or imperative sentence, if suitable. Try to abstain from using any one variety too much.

You can too employ commas, dashes, semicolons, colons, parentheses, and different punctuation to unite variety. Just get sure to practice all punctuation marks correctly.


Appending sentence variety to your writing is one step to preserve your readers interested and inspired. Correct the sentence length, order structure, first words, and punctuation to ascertain what you can perform to spice up your script or writing.

Hence, varying the material from sentence to sentence is a more relaxed approach to dodge redundancy in your writing. Practising this sentence variety method also urges you to write about various topics in more inventive styles.

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