The MLK Scholarship

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior once said that “a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” The American Correctional Association (ACA) awards MLK Scholarships to spread Dr. King’s beliefs and missions.

The MLK Scholarship
The MLK Scholarship

Who Is Eligible for the MLK Scholarship?

To be eligible for the MLK Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Major in the field of criminal justice.
  • Plan to enroll or to be enrolled in an undergraduate four-year college.
  • Show financial need.
  • Show academic achievement.
  • Show a commitment to Dr. King’s principles.
  • Be a minority student

How Much Is the MLK Scholarship?

The MLK Scholarship is worth $2,000. The scholarship goes directly to the scholarship recipient’s college. The scholarship is not renewable.

How to Apply for the MLK Scholarship?

To apply for the MLK Scholarship, students must first receive a nomination from an ACA member. The nominee does not need to be a member of the ACA. 

The nominee must fill out a nomination package including the following material: 

  • Nomination form.
  • Proof of acceptance/attendance in a four-year undergraduate program.
  • Proof of financial need. They must describe their financial situation or attach a copy of the last page of their FAFSA application. 
  • Proof of academic achievement. 
  • 250-word essay.

How to Write the MLK Scholarship Essay?

The essay is the most significant part of your scholarship application. In your essay, you must reflect on Dr. King’s ideals and philosophies and what they mean to you. Share how you exercise his philosophies in your daily life.

Make your actions visible to the readers. They should have a clear sense of what your commitment to Dr. King’s philosophies looks like. You can do this by using strong examples and including personal anecdotes.

Try and think about the qualities you have or experiences you’ve had that set you apart from other applicants. There are many other applicants that share the same goals and dreams as you and Dr. King. What makes you different? How will this college scholarship help you achieve your goals?

Proofread your essay before submitting it and pass it along to a family member or friend to review. Spelling mistakes and grammar errors do not scream ‘academic achievement.’ The scholarship committee will be sure to notice.

When Is the MLK Scholarship Deadline?

The MLK Scholarship deadline is at the beginning of June. Do not wait until the last day to start working on your application. The essay only needs to be 250 words, but, that means you have even less space to convince the scholarship committee that you deserve to win. Give yourself enough time to write a great essay and time to check over it.

Final Thoughts

The MLK scholarship is more important than ever before. It gives student leaders the financial support that they need to get a college education and make positive changes in the world. If you are a high achieving underrepresented student, apply today for your chance to win!

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