Google Scholarship

Google Scholarship
Google Scholarship

We all know and use Google every day in our lives for searches, email, maps, and more. 

One thing about Google many people don’t know is that they also offer scholarships to help students pay for college. 

What Is a Google Scholarship?

Google Scholarships award $10,000 to students studying computer science or computer engineering. Students can use the money toward undergraduate or graduate studies.

As is usually the case with Google, the perks don’t stop there. Scholarship recipients also have the option to attend a Google retreat in the summer. At the retreat, students can meet fellow scholars and network with Google professionals. They also take part in workshops. Talk about getting your foot in the door! 

It’s worth noting that Google strives to give underrepresented students a chance to pursue computer science. For this reason, most scholarships go to underrepresented populations.

How Do You Get a Google Scholarship?

Google Scholarships are very generous. It’s no surprise then, that competition is stiff!

First, applicants must study ( or be planning on studying) computer science in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program. Strong applicants also must show leadership and have an excellent academic background.

Application requirements are the same for all scholarships. Students must submit a resume, transcripts, and a letter of recommendation. They also must answer four essay prompts.

Different Scholarships Google Offers

Here are a few of the scholarships students from the United States can win from Google. 

The Generation Google Scholarship awards $10,000 to underrepresented students. Black/African American, Hispanic, American Indian, and Native Hawaiian students may apply. High school seniors with plans to enroll in the fall may also apply.

Students should be passionate about encouraging minority groups to work in computer science.

Google Scholarship

The Women Techmakers Scholars Program awards $10,000 to women studying computer science. They must show passion for increasing the involvement of women in technology.

In addition to computer science, applicants may also major in video game programming and game engineering. They may also study game design and development.

Google Lime Scholarships awards $10,000 to students with disabilities. They must have a visible or invisible disability.

The Google Student Veterans of America Scholarship awards $10,000 to student veterans. Applicants must be a current student veteran or a student on Active Duty. They must have received an honorable discharge or be in good standing with their branch.

Applicants must submit a DD Form 2-14 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. They can also submit Active Duty Orders and a letter from their commanding officer that they’re in good standing with their unit.

Google Conference and Travel Scholarships award students with up to $1,000. The award helps underrepresented students attend selected conferences in computer science. Students may use the money toward airfare and accommodation.

Tips For Winning a Google Scholarship

  • Aim for high grades. There aren’t GPA requirements for Google scholarships. But, because of the competition, you’ll need impressive transcripts if you are hoping to stand out.
  • Get the right letters of recommendation. Every scholarship requires letters of recommendation. Your letter should come from somebody who knows you well and sees your potential. If you can, ask somebody who has seen you in several different settings.
  • Gain leadership experience. Google values leadership. They seek students who will become future leaders. Find ways to stand out in class and lead projects in your school. Join extracurricular activities and start your own organization and volunteer project.
  • Make your passion for computer science clear. The most important thing for Google is that you are passionate about the field. Take computer science courses and work on related projects on the side. Take part in computer science competitions and join computer science clubs.
  • Stand out. Why do you deserve to win the scholarship? Remember, there are thousands of other talented applicants. How will the scholarship help you achieve your goals? How will your goals help society?

Still in high school? Take the time to plan ahead! Get involved in school, focus on your grades, and get to know your teachers. This will benefit you when you are ready to apply later on.

Final Thoughts

Google offers several big scholarships to students pursuing computer science. While anyone can win these scholarships, many of them are geared towards underrepresented students who want to join the field. If you decide to apply, you should have excellent grades, leadership qualities, and a passion for computer science. If that sounds like you, Google scholarships are an excellent place to look at for financial aid.

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